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[leader] building trend of the partition wall ceiling keel!

时间:2014-12-19 美高梅手机版登录4858:1720次

The partition wall ceiling keel plays a key role in the present construction decoration, it is not only our new material now, is also very good for us to make our decoration effect, the indoor environment more beautiful and comfortable, with the trend of our modern decoration construction.
The partition wall ceiling keel sound insulation, damp proof effect is good, polystyrene particles of sandwich plate can make any waterproofing finishes in no circumstances, use cement into the pool body is filled with water, the back of the wall to keep dry, the experiment proved. Leave no trace, wet weather also no condensing water. The overall effect of the partition wall ceiling keel, increase our use of space, each extending 11.8mm can increase 1m use area. Environmental protection and fire prevention, non radioactive A-class products, particles of polystyrene sandwich panel light energy-saving wall materials used raw material 100% does not contain substances harmful to human body. Compliance with national G/T169-2005 standard. Light energy-saving wall materials limit of fire resistance at high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius beyond 4 hours, and do not emit toxic gases, non flammable properties reached the national A-level standards.

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