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[new paint keel] building with it more safe and more reliable!

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With the development of society, new building materials - new paint keel, gradually popular, in recent years has been widely used in hotels, airport lounges, passenger station, railway stations, theaters, shopping malls, factories, office buildings, building renovation, the old building interior decoration set, ceiling and other places.
So you know why the new paint keel into everyone's attention? The reason is, new paint keel in the production process, made using high quality iron materials in the production process, the iron keel series than other materials (such as aluminum keel) is simple and quick, the production equipment requirements are very strict, because the iron material in use may be due to some external environment cause changes in the process. Iron attribute is water and air rust, caused the outer peel of the paint off, affect beautiful degree ceiling outside, even will reduce its safety performance, so the production paint keel series, deal with production equipment to carry out strict control, ensure the stability and appearance later in the process of using.

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