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new paint keel strong advantages in favour of people!

时间:2014-12-19 美高梅手机版登录4858:1622次

Nowadays, with the development of economy and society, people demand for consumer goods is also rising, keel building materials to the construction industry is also quite seriously, choice of the new paint keel, understand the product characteristics and its advantages.
The new paint keel is a new building material, has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good fire resistance, strong universality and easy installation, can adapt to the shockproof, dustproof, with sound insulation, sound-absorbing, temperature and other functions, but also has a short construction period, simple construction, easy to deformation etc.. The new paint keel is favored because of its keel has other advantages not available, especially through the light steel keel paint, corrosion resistant ability is enhanced several times, and its material rigidity, light weight, easy construction, good straightness etc. advantage factor.

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