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[plasterboard of light steel keel] acoustic insulation * family decoration ideal material!

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Gypsum board, light steel keel is cooked gypsum as main raw material doped with additives and fiber, has the advantages of light weight, heat insulation, sound absorption, nonflammable and sawing performance. Gypsum board and light gauge steel frame (made of galvanized steel thin pressed) combination, constitute Qinggang keel gypsum board. Splint smallpox. Now decoration commonly used. Splint (also called plywood) is the logs by cooking the softened, along the ring into large slices, and through drying, finishing, coating, assembly and heat pressing, sawing. With light materials, high strength, good elasticity and toughness, shock and vibration resistance, easy processing and finishing, insulation etc.. Splint smallpox painting spent some time may be lost, method is in the decoration must first brush varnish (light oil), after doing other work done. Another disadvantage is that the boards at the interface will be split, methods used in the decoration of putty to fill the interface. Decoration if smallpox of plasterboard of light steel keel or splint smallpox in the face, painted, should first use of gypsum powder sealed joints, and then use the leather belt paper seal after the bottom coating, paint.

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