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integrated ceiling keel -36-17

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integrated ceiling keel -36-17

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Integrated ceiling keel type details:
A, wooden keel
This kind of pine, fir and other easily keel used soft wood materials nail. Wooden keel should be straight, no distortion, hard bending and splitting etc.. Section size of main keel is 40mm x 60mm, the keel to section size should be 30mm x 40mm, the section size of hanging steel bar should be 50mm x 70mm. With the wooden keel, can be convenient to do various modeling. The use of wooden keel must pay attention to the wood must be dry. For the sake of safety, the wooden keel before using the best deal with fire, brush on the damp proof and fire coating. You can use the white pine.
Two, light steel keel
Light steel keel ceiling should use 50 series, galvanized sheet thickness shall not be less than 1mm, the primary and secondary keel and connections shall be by galvanized coating should be intact, no damage. Keel should be straight, no bending and distortion. Light steel keel hanger should adopt the steel production, fixed parts with angle steel, general specification for 30mm x 30mm x 3mm. Hanger and fixed angle shall be brushed with antirust paint.
The general use of light steel keel ceiling metal and made of aluminum alloy, with light weight, high stiffness, fire earthquake good performance, processing and installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, according to the section, type U and type T keel keel. If the partition keel has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good corrosion resistance, can be used as skeleton material of lightweight partition, mainly matched with gypsum board and its products, can also with other plates such as supporting the use of GRC board, FT board, calcium silicate board and other materials.
In addition, the attention of the original decoration galvanized keel plate galvanized keel and difference is not easy to rust. The original plate galvanized keel, commonly known as "Snow Board", above a snowflake pattern, strength is also higher than galvanized keel.
Three, aluminum alloy keel
Should pay attention to the choice of this kind of keel, the wall thickness is not less than 0.8mm, the surface should use anodized, spray or paint anti-corrosion treatment method. We should pay attention to when choosing the anticorrosion layer of its surface should be intact, no damage. Aluminum alloy keel qualified should be straight, no distortion.
Keel choose to complete. Buy aluminum gusset plate, even the best matching keel with the purchase, and prevent the inconvenience caused by model mismatch. As for the need to install lamps, exhaust fan, Yuba electrical appliance such as a bathroom, more attention should be paid to advance reservation good installation position will be fixed on the keel, or aluminum gusset plate will fall due to under weight. Finally, suggestions to set aside the maintenance port, if not set aside the maintenance port, once appear problem, maintenance is very troublesome.
Four, triangular keel
Triangular keel is also called T type keel, is a kind of common materials for ceiling, because of its shape is a triangular shape, so called triangular keel. Triangular keel is a baking paint keel, triangular keel is in continuous hot galvanized plate quality belt for raw materials, triangular metal framework used by the cold bending process and rolling of buildings. Usually the common installation and use and light steel keel, light steel keel into U shape.

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integrated ceiling keel -36-17

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