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Light steel keel paint 38

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Light steel keel paint 38

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The main types of light steel keel paint:
Light steel keel main types: type 38, type 50, type 60, type 75, type 100
Light steel keel main type: 0.2-1.2mm
Lacquer keel main types: type 28, type 32, type 25, type 37
Lacquer keel main type: 0.1-0.3mm

The difference between light steel keel and keel paint:
The difference between light steel keel and keel paint is light steel keel general do not coated processing, production of coating (Galvanized), and paint keel surface done baking, generally divided into black and white, a few according to design requirements of baked into other colors, mainly because the paint keel used in the majority of Ming keel, baking is to ensure that the exposed part no rust and aesthetic impact.
Light steel keel according to use a ceiling keel and partition keel, according to section forms are V type, C type, T type, L type, U type keel.
(1) the main specifications of product specifications series partition keel is divided into Q50, Q75 and Q100. The main specifications of ceiling keel is divided into D38, D45, D50 and D60.
(2) the product labeling method of light steel keel marker order: product name, code, section shape of the width, height, thickness of steel plate and standard no.. Such as the shape of the cross-section is "C" type, width is 50mm, height is 15mm, the thickness of the steel plate for ceiling keel of 1.5mm labeled as: light steel keel 50 XIS XI. DC SGBllg SL architecture
(3) the appearance quality of light steel keel shape should be smooth, clear edges and corners, are not permitted incision burrs and deformation of the effect. Galvanized layer no peeling, tumor, loss and other defects. For the corrosion, damage, shading, pitting and other defects, according to a specified method test should be in conformity with the provisions of table 281. Appearance quality inspection, should be in the product 0.5m the light bright conditions, for visual inspection. Light steel keel surface shall be galvanized, the two sided galvanized: excellent product is not less than 120g/m*m, grade of not less than 100g/m*m, qualified products is not less than 80g/m*m.

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Light steel keel paint 38

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