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The partition wall ceiling keel -u100-40

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The partition wall ceiling keel -u100-40

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The partition wall ceiling keel product description:
The partition wall ceiling keel Bazhou Xinyue building materials limited company's own production is galvanized steel coil, and then through the strip production line processing precision, really grasp and control the product of the original material processing width strip; the galvanized steel strip divided, with full automatic production line, production line is composed of a flat plate by each roller one by one the molding processing into the correct specifications of the partition wall ceiling keel products, and by microcomputer numerical control punching automatic specification and length, light steel keel production more normative, partition of light steel keel standard can achieve national unity.

The partition wall ceiling keel installation basic steps:
Keel keel of erecting refers to in house decoration in the process of modeling, installation, keel surface modification of sub projects. The main construction link with main and auxiliary keel installation, gypsum board, gypsum board fixed surface decoration.
Keel erection period: keel erection duration as long frame. The actual engineering and decide, general medium and small apartment layout period should be in 5 -- 10 days
Main keel: main keel keel ceiling refers to main bearing in the bearing. The main function of the main keel is the main weight-bearing ceiling, and erected into sub keel provide stress surface.
Keel keel keel: refers to disperse bearing in the bearing on the ceiling. The main effect of keel is dispersed ceiling bearing stress surface, and provides the stress surface for the laying of gypsum board.
Gypsum board is fixed: gypsum board refers to the material for the ceiling decorative material of gypsum, gypsum board fixed refers to the gypsum board in accordance with the keel laying, installation and fixation of other.
Gypsum board surface decoration: gypsum board surface decoration refers to have completed the installation of gypsum board surface treatment, generally including the treatment gap between gypsum board gypsum board: waterproof processing part of the exposed surface of screw; gypsum board surface of latex paint putty, painting etc..

The partition wall ceiling keel products exhibition: 

The partition wall ceiling keel -u100-40

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