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inch baking varnish keel-26-24

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inch baking varnish keel-26-24

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Inch baking varnish keel installation steps and methods:
1, the keel in the construction industry is generally used in the ceiling area, before use must check the ceiling keel quality need to be used, the provisions of the state, generally 1 mm cassette keel, keel execution standard is 0.5 mm, margin requirement is 8 mm keel!
2, in the use of keel ceiling copy before the need according to the elastic line around the wall.
In 3, the ceiling of the building while keel must use edge keel, do not use the auxiliary keel instead.
4, the installation is completed, must be conducted in strict calibration, the relationship between the position calibration of each keel, clamping relationship is close, must ensure the correct installation before completion!

Inch baking varnish keel keel development history of foreign countries:
Australia early in twentieth Century 60 time put forward the concept of 'fast installation of prefabricated house', but because the market is not yet mature, has not obtained the very good development. By 1987, the emergence of high strength cold-formed thin-walled steel structure, the joint specification of Australia and New Zealand AS / NZS4600 cold roll forming steel structure specification issued and implemented in 1996; paint keel structure fastest over the United States in 1965 accounted for only paint structure construction market in the United States in 1990 15%, will rise to 53%, and in 1993 has risen to 68% and by 2000 had risen to 75%; in twentieth Century 80 years China imported from Japan for hundreds of building paint structure of low rise villas, 90 time individual foreign companies to promote their products in Beijing, Shanghai and other places to establish a multilayer light steel structure residential building since then, research and development, design and manufacturing, construction of large-scale installation paint structure residential building development step by step up. At present, paint structure has been widespread throughout the country blossom.

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inch baking varnish keel-26-24

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