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ceiling light steel keel-45-22

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ceiling light steel keel-45-22

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The ceiling light steel keel material purchase spare parts requirements:
1 light steel skeleton of U type and T type skeleton skeleton two, and press the load points on the people and not the people.
The 2 main pieces of light steel skeleton for the big, in, small keel; accessories are hanging pieces, connecting piece, hanging plug-in.
3 spare parts: boom. Flower blue screw. Nail. Tapping screws.
4 according to the design specification and can choose a variety of cover panel. Aluminum pressure on strips or plastic pressure every bar, the variety of materials. Specifications of quality should meet the design requirements.
5: according to the performance of binder material selection, use before bond test.

The decisive factor of the ceiling light steel keel quality:
1, high-quality steel strip;
2, the ceiling light steel keel forming equipment;
The thickness deviation of size 3, ceiling light steel keel band;
4, the ceiling light steel keel double-sided galvanized;
5, appearance quality;
Fine management 6, keel factory.

The ceiling light steel keel products exhibition: 

ceiling light steel keel-45-22

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