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Gypsum board, light steel keel -36-12

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Gypsum board, light steel keel -36-12

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Gypsum board with the technique of light steel keel construction methods and measures:
(1) the ceiling before, should be indoor plumbing, wiring, heavier, fan bracket lamp decoration ready.
(2) according to the construction drawings in the first wall, column pop-up ceiling elevation line, to draw suspender positions on the ceiling, elastic line, both to ensure the screws spacing is maintained between the 800~1200mm, at the same time, to avoid conflict with the fitting position.
(3) drilling and installation of Ml0 galvanized expansion bolt, hung Phi 8mm full teeth galvanized wire rod hanger.
(4) installation of the main keel, keel position with the card draw, in the main keel keel will; main keel and the main pendant, keel and keel should be close to the dense and spacing of not greater than LMM, the installation of the horizontal keel, level tone is fixed, inspect the quality acceptance of the middle, to equipment and electrical piping the installation, all the doing covert project is completed and the acceptance by the party before sealing plate.
(5) the light steel keel ceiling skeleton construction, low to high, the main keel spacing and boom spacing control in general between 800mm~1200mm, special circumstances shall not be greater than 1200mm, ceiling keel spacing to pay for 300mm, the horizontal keel spacing is 600mm, diameter of 8mm boom boom, should be vertical hanging, double-sided thread screwing, exposed iron you must brush two degrees anti rust paint, wall hangers from the keel end distance of not more than 300mm, the distance of more than 300mm should be arranged finally add a root.
(6) the boom and structure should be firmly connected, where in the lamps and lanterns, tuyere with additional keel, keel boom may not be shared with reinforced pipe, lighting, ventilation and other equipment suspenders.
(7) gypsum board sealing plate: gypsum board and keel used galvanized steel self tapping screws, gypsum board long edge to the main keel laying, namely the first plate in place, then the board and keel drill with an electric drill, then the self tapping screw tightening, self tapping screws in the distance should be 150mm - 170mm embedded board, screw in depth should be in 0.51mm - 0.7mm between the screws should be perpendicular to the face and slightly into the buried surface, not the paper surface damage, nailhole should be no rust and gypsum board with putty wiping shop as the principle, such as a ceiling hole needs to be opened, the first draw openings in the opening part of the keel reinforcement, then the hacksaw cut keel and plaster board, maintain steady and firm.

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Gypsum board, light steel keel -36-12

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