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The new paint keel -32-24

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The new paint keel -32-24

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The scope of application of the new paint keel:
The new paint keel a wide range of uses: applicable to shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, banks and other public places. But the overall effect of a good plane, line is concise, elegant appearance. Lacquer keel safe, sturdy and beautiful, suitable for all kinds of mineral wool ceiling, aluminum ceiling box, calcium silicate boards and other supporting construction. Lacquer keel has the advantages of light weight, high strength, waterproof, fireproof, sound insulation, shockproof, sound-absorbing effect, and has the advantages of short construction period, convenient construction and so on, is a new type of ceiling decoration materials, and light steel keel as widely used in shopping malls, hospitals, banks, hotels, factories, terminal etc..
The new paint keel installation:
1, for the long side of ceiling, gypsum board must be vertical or flat regions and keel laying, fixings (self tapping screws) and gypsum board distance of about 10-16mm, fastening, gypsum board must be nailed and skeleton;
2, a fixed plate, the central board from the long side and short side fixed nail positioning, nail head slightly inside embedded board, but shall not damage surface;
3, gypsum board butt joints must be tight, with the horizontal keel, gypsum board should be installed in a stress free state, may not forced positioning, shall ensure that the sub keel bottom surface in the same plane, keel connected with a long plug parts should stagger.

The new paint keel products exhibition: 

The new paint keel -32-24

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