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Light steel keel ceiling -c98-35

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Light steel keel ceiling -c98-35

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The calculation method of light steel keel ceiling materials:
The board of 300*300=0.09/ square each
The 300*600=0.18/ square each
The 300*250=0.075/ square each
The shade horn line per square meters to 2.5~3
The main keel per square 1.1~1.3 meters with 4 other main lifting
The keel per square 3.2~3.4 meters with three other vice hanging piece
The wire steeve 10 square with 3 with each 3 meters
That a screw rod with 4 expansion head general wire rod according to the height of the space to be

Light steel keel ceiling products exhibition: 

Light steel keel ceiling -c98-35

How to install the light steel keel ceiling?
1 install suspension shaft
The floor precast slab, reinforced hook suspension boom has been embedded in the seams, only to upper folding hook hole through the boom of bending and torsion. Floor of cast-in-situ slab, the position should be released in the first floor bottom line embedded parts, using a nail the embedded part nailed in the floor bottom, the upper end of the hanger rod through the embedded parts rings hole fold bending and torsion.
2 large keel
The keel full set of vertical hanging parts in the keel, the dragon bone and handed to the lower end of the hanging rod, so wear into a large keel vertical hanger on the hole, with preliminary wrings nut. Arch height according to the ceiling of a room in the cusp up (usually take the room to the short span of), calculate the keel of each suspension point camber value, screwing the nut so that large keel adjust camber value, after the adjustment, the large vertical hanger fastening keel.
3 is installed in the keel
Will be in full keel vertical hanging parts placed on the keel, the dragon bone up, make the keel keel hanger buckle in the vertical. Such as the keel and the transverse brace intersection, is placed in the plane in the Dragon keel bone on the connecting piece, the horizontal keel flat buckle connecting piece.
4 hold small keel
The small keel vertical hanging parts amount on the big keel, the dragon bone up, make small keel keel vertical hanger buckle. Such as a small keel and the transverse struts intersect, placed a small keel plane in a small keel connecting piece, transverse braces buckle small keeled flat connector.
5 cover panel
Keel installed, checked, you can install the cowl panel cover panel, according to the material by the self tapping screws fixed or adhesive paste

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