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Professional paint keel -38-24

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Professional paint keel -38-24

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Professional paint keel product features:
[1] moistureproof, anticorrosive, do not fade
[2] the product precision is high, the main / sub keel strictly symmetrical, with the close
[3] strong bearing capacity, deformation, fracture
[4] convenient installation, saving installation time, reduce labor costs
[5] model complete specifications, can meet the diverse needs of customers.
[6] products good decoration, decorative color is rich, the crescent of white, white, black and other colors the Pacific meet the personalized design

Professional paint keel products exhibition: 

Professional paint keel -38-24

Professional paint keel quality analysis:
[1] professional paint keel safe, sturdy and beautiful, suitable for all kinds of mineral wool ceiling, aluminum ceiling box, calcium silicate boards and other supporting construction.
[2] large steel galvanized strip, composition and stability, high strength, good ductility, above, galvanized 100g/m2 corrosion resistant, long do not rust, coating evenly, beautiful, no crack, can meet a variety of decorative ceiling strength requirements.
[3] paint with using vinyl coating, oxidation resistance, yellowing resistance, good adhesion, not skin, wrinkling. Smooth surface, pure color, no color (Lofael color match colors and excellent decorative ceiling) acid and alkali resistance, friction resistance, not long-term change.
[4] big paint edge angle, high strength, easy fixation, improve the plate and strong body contact strength, no deformation.
[5] Wuxi mold, molding products of precise size, hole spacing small tolerances, ensure the main and auxiliary keel parallelism, perpendicularity and straightness, height difference.
[6] the main bone interlocking structure, strong shock resistance, high integral strength, positioning accuracy.
[7] vice bone card design of head, unilateral insertion is not easy to fall off, raise construction efficiency, reduce duplication of work.
[8] the unique design of stiffener, increase strength, avoid distortions, ensure the straightness.
[9] reducing guide hole, the keel can be multi angle to easily insert, quick construction.

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