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The New ceiling keel -VMOLD 38H

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The New ceiling keel -VMOLD 38H

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The New ceiling joist construction practices:
Ceiling keel has two kinds of structure, close to the bone, the dragons in the bottom surface of keel, hanging (i.e. not in the same horizontal plane) said double-layer structure; large, bottom surface at the same level, or not set high keel hanging keel said directly in single layer structure. The latter is only used for light ceiling.

Second: the new ceiling keel material:
(1) gypsum board. Plasterboard is building gypsum as main raw material, the core material incorporation amount of special function fiber and additive composition, and special protective paper firmly combined building board together. It must be stressed that the ceiling plaster board thickness is 9 mm.
(2) caulking putty and joint zone.
(3) the light steel keel. The new ceiling keel according to the bearing capacity of points on the people and not people keel keel. Grouped by use large keel, keel, keel. According to the classification of UC38, UC50 series, UC60 three series, the three series are light, medium and heavy keel. Light series can not bear the load on the people.
Medium series can withstand accidental load can be laid on, Ma Road on the simple test.
Heavy series can bear on human maintenance 80KG concentrated load can be laid in the permanent test Ma Road, the special requirements of the Ma Road, if the number of frequent, or overweight load, you need to Ma self hanging on the roof, and ceiling system separately.

In the purchase of new ceiling keel, should pay attention to the following points:
1 new ceiling keel shape straight smooth, clear edges and corners, no damage or bump and other defects, which influences the use of burr and deformation are not allowed in the incision.
Galvanized layer 2 new ceiling keel appearance does not allow peeling, within tumor, loss of quality defects.
3 excellent rating does not allow any corrosion, damage, black spot and pitting; grade or quality product requirements of no corrosion, serious damage, black spot and pitting; and the area of not more than 1 square meters of dark spots per meter in not more than three.
4 of the family model ceiling keel main keel for the use of 50 series is fully used, the galvanized sheet thickness shall not be less than 1mm. Do not easily believe that businesses large specification quality good lies.

The New ceiling keel products exhibition: 

The New ceiling keel -VMOLD 38H

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