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Integrated ceiling keel -30-10

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Integrated ceiling keel -30-10

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[integrated ceiling keel] Construction Technology
1, technological process:
Elastic line to install big boom, keel installation keel, keel installation installation, small keel, installing cover cotton board, installation of layering, brushed with antirust paint
2, the line: according to the floor elevation line, using a ruler vertical vector to the top [studio design elevation, along the wall, column around the bomb ceiling elevation, and elevation along the roof line, delimit on the wall split block line of position.
3, the installation of large keel boom: in the play ceiling elevation level and keel line of position, the lower end of the hanging rod head is determined according to the location and elevation, keel hanging spacing, the hanger is pre buried bolt thread and slab reinforced connecting fixed.

Integrated ceiling keel products exhibition: 

Integrated ceiling keel -30-10

Integrated ceiling keel technical standards:
The decisive factors of integrated ceiling keel quality:
1, high-quality steel strip;
2, integrated ceiling keel molding equipment;
The thickness deviation of size 3, integrated ceiling keel steel strip;
4, integrated ceiling keel double-sided galvanized;
5, appearance quality;
Fine management 6, keel factory.
The appearance quality of integrated ceiling keel shape should be smooth, clear edges and corners, are not permitted incision burrs and deformation of the effect. Galvanized layer no peeling, tumor, loss and other defects. Appearance quality inspection, should be in the product 0.5m the light bright conditions, for visual inspection. Integrated ceiling keel surface shall be galvanized, the two sided galvanized: excellent product is not less than 120g/m*m

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