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Light steel keel u100-40

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Light steel keel u100-40

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Light steel keel u100-40 structure:
Light steel keel u100-40 is in continuous hot galvanized plate quality belt for raw materials, metal framework used by the cold bending process and rolling of buildings. For non load bearing walls and the roof of the building to gypsum board, gypsum board etc. light plate finishes do the modeling decorative. Internal and external wall and ceiling based scaffolding material is applicable to many other decoration, building roof buildings.

Light steel keel u100-40 products: 

Light steel keel u100-40

U100-40 has the characteristics of light steel keel:
(1) no stress system: advanced rolling technology advanced guarantees in the processing of keel stress release completely, the excellent product size precision, linearity and the flatness, ensure the ceiling, partition is not due to the stress deformation and cracking.
(2) excellent corrosion resistant performance: continuous hot dip galvanized steel raw materials Dragon of light steel keel with the special custom, zinc coating has strong adhesive force, plate flatness, galvanized high, double-sided galvanized volume of more than 120 grams / square meters.
(3) the section size of high standard: flange height above the national standard, big moment of inertia, structure stability enhancement.
(4) length processing efficiency service: at present the north building materials in the country has a 8 light steel keel Factory, has more than 20 automatic keel production line, can the rapid production of 10 meters within the length of the various length keel, fully meet the construction needs of customers.
(5) super innovative R & D ability: the unique many patent products series, have CH keel, special parts of the equilateral E type keel, keel, keel and so on many kinds of application of Z type insulation products.
(6) the construction of good performance: the dragon brand raw material mechanical performance of light steel keel, gypsum board is installed nail into the good, not only greatly improve the construction speed, and ensures the firm connection of gypsum board and keel. Dragon of light steel keel length accurately, length from 1 ~ 10m length production, length error can be controlled in 2mm, much better than the national standard of length, cutting does not require construction, effectively shorten the construction period.

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