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Triangular keel

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Triangular keel



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Triangular keel is a commonly used material condole top, because of its shape into triangle shape, so called triangular keel. Triangular keel is a baking paint keel, triangular keel is in continuous hot galvanized plate quality belt for raw materials, triangular metal skeleton by the cold bending process and rolling of buildings. Usually the common installation and use and light steel keel, light steel keel into U shape.

Triangular keel product features
1, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, do not fade;
2, the product precision is high, the main / sub keel strictly symmetrical, with the close;
3, strong bearing capacity, deformation, fracture;
4, easy installation, saving installation time, reduce labor costs;
5, model complete specifications, can meet the diverse needs of customers;;
6, the product good decoration, decorative color is rich, the crescent of white, white, black and other colors the Pacific meet the personalized design.

Triangular keel

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