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Ceiling keel paint -22-22

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Ceiling keel paint -22-22

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Now the house decoration will use ceiling ceiling, little not [] the ceiling paint keel. The top finish panel will bear the downward gravity, how to avoid the ceiling? How to make the ceiling decoration such as just as beautiful, won't appear ceiling collapse of. Mainly has the following several:
1, the ceiling paint keel spacing should be reasonable, accord with the design requirements of the top surface of the gravity, not the spacing is too large.
2 fixed screws spacing, decorated panels should be reasonable
When the keel paint keel, gypsum board ceiling should adopt countersunk head tapping screws to fix. When stitching gypsum board, want to notice a gap of about 2-5mm, this is to prevent the environmental change of gypsum board, cracking of the mutual extrusion. In the gap processing, must first coated with a layer of elastic expansion joint agents, and then pasting a layer of textured paper, used to prevent cracking.
Should use wood screws between gypsum board and keel, wooden screw and edge distance of not less than 15mm, distance to 200mm is appropriate, the arrangement should be uniform. Each screw cap should be slightly embedded gypsum board. Nail in the eye also should pay attention to the anti rust treatment, namely point brush rustproof paint, or rust easily infiltration to the surface, then the panel of the same color and paint or lacquer putty.
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Ceiling keel paint -22-22

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