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Fireproof paint keel -32-24

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Fireproof paint keel -32-24

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[summary] fireproof paint keel:
Fireproof paint keel is a mineral wool board of Europe and USA installation standards, China currently has this standard. The principle is that under the high temperature, the general keel will become soft, elongated, pendulous, resulting in mineral wool board off, and fire keel will shrink but not pendulous, so the whole mineral wool board structure delayed collapse, in order to play the role of insulation the purpose, flame retardant.

(a) excellent fire performance
Fire shrinkage hole on the main keel fireproof paint keel, the hole size, position, shape have strict rules, so that we can guarantee the long bone elongation at high temperature condition, but through the directional distortion and shrinkage. The keel and the main keel connecting special joint, the purpose is to ensure that no elongation also in high temperature condition next, but directional shrinkage.
(two) super strength (flatness, straightness)
(three) reasonable structure: the economy placed type structure, special connection method, combination of convenient assembly and disassembly, time saving, simple construction.
(four) appearance: keel surface is used in galvanized steel plate, after paint processing, beautiful appearance.

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Fireproof paint keel -32-24

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