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Paint keel accessories -XY009

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Paint keel accessories -XY009

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Brief introduction of paint keel accessories paint keel:
Very similar to aluminum alloy keel in appearance, is also a kind of common materials for ceiling, its role and aluminum alloy keel is the same, but also for the beautiful, a supporting role. Is matched with the calcium silicate board and mineral wool board etc..

In daily life, paint keel, refers to the metal paint keel, aluminum alloy keel also known as aluminum alloy baking varnish keel, but for the sake of convenience, we speak some words, just as American as, like referred to as. So paint keel refers to metal paint keel, aluminum alloy keel paint said aluminum alloy keel.
In material production, the two are different, paint keel, the raw materials are iron. Aluminum alloy keel is made of aluminum production. In the process, they also have different, paint keel relative technology of aluminum alloy is more simple, but the production machine requirements are very strict, is also beautiful, support. As the ceiling material, is matched with the calcium silicate board.

Paint keel accessories characteristics:
[1] the product quality stability, detection means perfect, strong supporting capability.
[2] with professional accessories.
[3] adhere to high quality and low price, reputation first, customer first, service in place.
[4] all varieties, good quality and price concessions.
Paint keel accessories purchase standard:
The parts thickness is consistent with the standards
The incision and no burr and variant
The shape of edges and corners clear.
The parts thickness deviation is small, the appearance is smooth;
The material is high quality steel;
The manufacturer's reputation.

Paint keel accessories products exhibition: 

Paint keel accessories -XY009

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