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Keel accessories XY016

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Keel accessories XY016

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Keel accessories XY016 products: 

Keel accessories XY016

Keel parts brief introduction:
Keel accessories is dependent on light steel keel and exist, the keel is in continuous hot galvanized plate quality belt for raw materials, metal framework used by the cold bending process and rolling of buildings. For non load bearing walls and the roof of the building to gypsum board, gypsum board etc. light plate finishes do the modeling decorative. Internal and external wall and ceiling based scaffolding material is applicable to many other decoration, building roof buildings. Accessories series is a necessary component installation keel.
Common light steel keel accessories are the main suspension parts, main connection, horizontal parts, hanger, extension, cross connections, light steel keel for hanging connection, etc.. The purchase of light steel keel accessories from general manufacturing raw materials and appearance to distinguish between good and bad, the use of high-quality steel as raw material, parts thickness in accordance with standard, smooth appearance, clear edges and corners, incision no burr and deformation.

Keel accessories generally contains a few:
(1): the main keel in the application process is the role of the quality of bearing all the ceiling, requirements on the bearing quality reach the standard provisions of the state.
(2) the secondary keel: role is suspended gypsum board, as supporting keel.
(3) side keel: in fixed and horizontal positioning ceiling around, making an inspection hole.
(4) angle keel: its role and the role of keels are basically used for manufacturing manhole.
(5) the main and auxiliary keel fitting: used to link a lot in oblique Street main keel and a sub keel, ensure the stability of the ceiling.
(6) other: contains the sub keel link element, boom, U mounting card and other parts.

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