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Light steel keel ceiling partition -28-15

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Light steel keel ceiling partition -28-15

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Ceiling partition light steel keel matters needing attention:
Ceiling partition light steel keel installation should pay attention to the following Essentials: top and bottom should be used along the top along keel and keel. Vertical should be vertical keel, the site should be strengthened in the door frame keel. Transverse due to transverse keel. The accessories are supporting card, Cato, angle brackets, the connecting piece and the fixed piece etc.. These materials are indispensable. Along the top of keel, keel should be based on the elastic line along the fixed position, fixed mode available nail, expansion bolts, nails spacing of not greater than 600mm. Against the wall, column vertical keel can nail, expansion bolts or wood screws and wall, column fixed, nail spacing of not greater than 900m

Ceiling partition light steel keel products exhibition: 

Light steel keel ceiling partition -28-15


Quality problems should be paid attention to partition light steel keel ceiling:
1: the reason is that large ceiling uneven keel installation boom leveling is not serious, the boom point elevation caused by inconsistent. Construction should check the tightness degree of each suspension hanging, and switch on the line to check the elevation and the flatness of the compliance with the requirements of the design and construction specifications.
2 light steel frame joint structure unreasonable: stay in the hole, the lamp openings and vents etc., should according to the map node corresponding tectonic setting of keel and connecting pieces, so that the structure meets the atlas and design requirements.
3 light steel skeleton hanging fixed is not solid: light steel skeleton ceiling should be hanging in the main structure, and tighten nut to control fixed hanger design elevation; pipeline and equipment parts ceiling will not be suspended solid in the light steel skeleton.
4 cover panel block clearance joint is not straight: the construction sector specifications, pull to find positive, installed and fixed to ensure that when the fair on the straight.
5 joint strip and the pressing strip is not tight straight: construction should pull, to is fixed, after the pressure viscosity.

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