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Paint triangular keel -32-15

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Paint triangular keel -32-15

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Paint triangular keel details:
Paint triangular keel is also called T type keel, is a kind of common materials for ceiling, because of its shape into triangle shape, so called paint triangular keel. Paint triangular keel is a baking paint keel, baking triangular keel is in continuous hot galvanized plate quality belt for raw materials, triangular metal skeleton by the cold bending process and rolling of buildings. Paint River integrated ceiling keel with the general use of the material is steel and aluminum alloy, installation is convenient, no pollution of the environment. Paint triangular keel are basic materials for ceiling decoration, now use is very popular, combination of strength and stability have been improved greatly, do good when the ceiling decorative effect, and low cost, is convenient to do modeling, is one of the people more sought after decoration materials. Decorative materials compared to promote the use of environmentally friendly materials, no harm to the body, paint triangular keel installed when the noise is small, no pollution, very suitable for family use. Decorative paint triangular keel is good, the color is rich, can satisfy the personalized design and the overall mix, make your Home Furnishing more colorful, fashion warm.
Paint triangular keel in recent years slowly moves towards the standardization, generally used in office building condole top, Home Furnishing indoor integrated ceiling, paint triangular keel is not only beautiful, but also can realize the disassembly free top line, not only expands the space, but also greatly improves the work efficiency, but also beautify the overall design. Paint triangular keel is the decoration of the skeleton and the substrate, the use of very common. It is widely used in hotels, airport lounge. Passenger station, railway stations, theaters, shopping malls, factories, office buildings, building renovation, the old building interior decoration set, ceiling etc..

Paint triangular keel characteristics:
1, light weight, high construction efficiency, can also be seismic, improving sound insulation.
2, has the advantages of low density, high strength, fire and earthquake etc..
3, installed when the noise is small, no pollution source.
4, waterproof and moistureproof, direct contact with the base, not easy to rot.
5, can use the keel adjustment height.

Paint triangular keel products exhibition: 

Paint triangular keel -32-15

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