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The keel of -C 75

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The keel of -C 75



Keel product introduction:
The keel of the -C 75, is a new type of building materials, along with the development of modernization construction of our country, in recent years has been widely used in hotels,, passenger station, station, theater, shopping malls, factories, buildings, old building renovation, interior decoration set, ceiling and other places. -C 75 ceiling keel has the advantages of light weight, high strength, waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, adaptation, sound insulation, sound-absorbing, temperature and other functions, also has the advantages of short construction period, construction is simple, widely used for this purpose by users and design units.

The keel of the operating conditions:
1 structure construction, should seam in cast-in-place concrete floor or precast concrete floor, according to the design requirements according to the pre buried between, Phi 6~ Phi 10 reinforced concrete boom, if there is no design requirements according to the arrangement position of pre high keel buried steel suspenders, general spacing why 900~1200mm.
2 when the ceiling room walls and columns in brick masonry, should be in the elevation along the wall and ceiling around the column, masonry embedded anticorrosive wood block, along the wall spacing 900~1200mm, each side shall be buried column did not shoot brick more than two blocks.
3 after the installation of all kinds of pipeline ventilation and ceiling, determine the lamp position, vents and various open hole position.
4 all the matching various materials prepared.
5 ceiling cover panels before installation should finish wall, wet operation project.
6 pitched roof construction operating platform shelf.
7 light steel frame roof in a large area before construction, should do the model, on the roof of the arch, a light slot, processing structure of vent, block and fixed methods shall be approved by the test equipment and the approval rear can construction of large area.

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The keel of -C 75

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