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Keel accessories XY020

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Keel accessories XY020

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Keel accessories XY020 products: 

Keel accessories XY020

Keel keel accessories selection method:
(1) to see whether the color is bright, fresh wood reddish, texture clear, if its color is dark yellow, with no gloss that is rotten.
(2) to see whether the selected cross section wood size specifications meet the requirements, there is no sufficient number. The tail is smooth and uniform, not in some places, some places are small.
(3) look at the wooden side is straight or not, if there is a bending can only be bow, not wavy bend, or with a curved wooden square as the keel is easy to cause uneven deformation structure, etc..
(4) to choose the knot less, small fir party, as the saying goes: "Chinese fir Festival, hard as iron." If the knot wood and much will from the broken wood junction. Nails, screws screwed in or not in a nail broken wood. Will lead to the grass-roots level is not strong.
(5) choose not bark, wormhole wood, bark are parasites of shelter, a bark wood Fangyi moth. Have bug eye more can not be used, shows the square wood borers or eggs, if in the family decoration worms will eat all you can eat wood with this wood.

Keel accessories generally contains a few:
(1): the main keel in the application process is the role of the quality of bearing all the ceiling, requirements on the bearing quality reach the standard provisions of the state.
(2) the secondary keel: role is suspended gypsum board, as supporting keel.
(3) side keel: in fixed and horizontal positioning ceiling around, making an inspection hole.
(4) angle keel: its role and the role of keels are basically used for manufacturing manhole.
(5) the main and auxiliary keel fitting: used to link a lot in oblique Street main keel and a sub keel, ensure the stability of the ceiling.
(6) other: contains the sub keel link element, boom, U mounting card and other parts.

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