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Keel accessories XY022

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Keel accessories XY022

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Keel accessories generally contains a few:
(1): the main keel in the application process is the role of the quality of bearing all the ceiling, requirements on the bearing quality reach the standard provisions of the state.
(2) the secondary keel: role is suspended gypsum board, as supporting keel.
(3): in the fixed keels and horizontal positioning ceiling around, making an inspection hole.
(4) angle keel: its role and the role of keels are basically used for manufacturing manhole.
(5) the main and auxiliary keel fitting: used to link a lot in oblique Street main keel and a sub keel, ensure the stability of the ceiling.
(6) other: contains the sub keel link element, boom, U mounting card and other parts.

Keel accessories XY022 features:
[1] the product quality is stable, detection means perfect, strong supporting capability.
[2] with professional accessories.
[3] adhere to high quality and low price, reputation first, customer first, service in place.
[4] the whole variety, good quality, price concessions.

Keel accessories XY022 products: 

Keel accessories XY022

Bazhou Xinyue building materials Co., Ltd., is one of the domestic backbone enterprises of modern new building materials production. The enterprise has the different uses of light steel keel, baking paint keel and supporting materials production capacity. Line a high degree of automation, strong production capacity, product quality and stability, detection means complete, strong supporting capability. Product marketing of domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported to Russia, the United States, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions.

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