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Fireproof ceiling keel -c63.5-32

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Fireproof ceiling keel -c63.5-32

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Fireproof ceiling keel product description:
Fireproof and waterproof of excellence
Waterproof and moistureproof
Light earthquake
The superior strength
Environmental health
Heat insulation and energy saving
The economic benefits
Sound peace

Fireproof ceiling keel products exhibition: 

Fireproof ceiling keel -c63.5-32


Development and application of fireproof ceiling light steel keel:
Long before the ceiling and wall, but also useful to the keel, but at that time because of steel production technology has yet to be perfect, so basically are used in wood keel, with the continuous development of science and technology to manufacture steel is continuously improved and the strip appeared, only today's fire ceiling keel. Construction now uses keel ceiling in strip steel production has become a not missing items, ceiling construction has been widely applied to civil buildings, hotels, schools and so on in the. Count up fire ceiling keel from appear to be widely used for nearly thirty years, but by virtue of its excellent performance characteristics and stability is more and more friends know, become fashion products for building ceiling.

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