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Light steel keel U38

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Light steel keel U38



The concept of light steel keel U38:
Light steel keel U38 is in continuous hot galvanized plate quality belt for raw materials, metal framework used by the cold bending process and rolling of buildings. For non load bearing walls and the roof of the building to gypsum board, gypsum board etc. light plate finishes do the modeling decorative. Internal and external wall and ceiling based scaffolding material is applicable to many other decoration, building roof buildings. By use of a ceiling keel and partition keel, according to section forms are V type, C type, T type, L type keel.

Light steel keel material purchase spare parts requirements U38:
1 light steel skeleton of U type and T type skeleton skeleton two, and press the load points on the people and not the people.
The 2 main pieces of light steel skeleton is big, in, small keel; accessories are hanging pieces, connecting piece, hanging plug-in.
3 parts: boom. Flower blue screw. Nail. Tapping screws.
4 according to the design specification and can choose a variety of cover panel. Aluminum pressure on strips or plastic pressure meet, the variety of materials. Specifications of quality should meet the design requirements.
5: according to the performance of binder material selection, use before bond test.

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Light steel keel U38

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